Friday, June 17, 2011

My Thoughts On Rest Stop (2006)

REST STOP (2006)
John Shiban, Director.
80 Fun Filled Minutes.

I haven't been this angry with a film since the remake of It's Alive. I would rather watch the "reboot" of Friday the 13th again than this thing. Avoid.

NOTE: An old grill from the dumpster was used for this review, I don't cook on that thing anymore obviously.


  1. Ha, ha, very good Wil, look at that baby burn up ! Extreme conditions demand extreme responses...

  2. Ha! I watched it a few years ago and hated everything about it, although the DVD extra that spins off with the odd family made me think that that they made THAT movie, things oculd have at least been interesting.

  3. Haven't seen Rest stop, I've seen many films I would like to burn but never have I seen something so bad I'd rather revisit the Friday reboot instead!

  4. Wes- I still kinda feel like I let it off easy. =P It's a rare film that actually makes me angry. I pretty much named all three of the ones I can think of in the review. ha ha!

    Em- I never made it to the special features. I actually turned the film off at one point and then got curious to see how bad it would get. Amazingly, it still managed to get worse.

    AHND - This was my first film burning. I think that says something for how much I hated it. I got mad at it again explaining to someone later just how bad it was.

  5. The special features have an extra where it's a movie made by and about the wacky dwarfish family they encounter. Way better than following an unlikable heroine.

  6. possibly the coolest review I've ever seen. Bravo sir.

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  8. Haha, that is so cool you burned Rest Stop! I wonder what you're going to do for Rest Stop II? lol

  9. I didn't even bother to watch Rest Stop II, Ty. I couldn't do it. I really hope the ppl who made Rest Stop are properly ashamed of themselves.