Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cinematic Alphabet: A Second Look

There were so many titles that I wanted to include in my first Cinematic Alphabet post and couldn't fit them. And there were titles that weren't "First Tier" choices but that I still wanted to acknowledge them. Then Rupert ( ) posted a second list, and like any unoriginal mindless drone, I am following up with my own second list. Even with this second list, I feel like I have missed titles that I should have in it, but I draw the line at a second list for now. I hope you enjoy reading my second attempt at creating a cinematic alphabet and feel free to post your comments below.

A is for Aragami

B is for The Black Cat

C is for Cape Fear

D is for Drugstore Cowboy

E is for Empire Of Ash

F is for The Fountain

G is for Graveyard of Honor

H is for Henry Fool

I is for Inside

J is for Joint Security Area

K is for King Of Kong

L is for L'Ultimo Squalo

M is for Memories of Murder

N is for No Mercy For The Rude

O is for Outlaw Josey Wales

P is for Perth

Q is for Quills

R is for Rabid

S is for Samaritan Girl

T is for Tae Guk Gi

U is for Unforgiven

V is for Vital

W is for Way of the Gun

X is for X-Files

Y is for The Yakuza Papers (cheating?)

Z is for Zatoichi


  1. Great post ! Wow, I love that poster for Samaritan Girl !

  2. Thanks Wes! I *have* to find that Samaritan Girl poster. I saw it and while working on this post and totally fell in love with it!

  3. Drugstore Cowboy is one of my favorite films.